Posted: 24 February 2015

On Tuesday, 10 February 2015, the GCOOS-RA hosted “A Primer on Gliders in the Gulf of Mexico”. The stream for this webinar can be accessed via: This should not require any additional software to view. If you wish to download the webinar, please use this link. To view the downloaded file, you will need to download a viewer program, as indicated when the download link comes up. The file is over 100 Mb.


At the conclusion of the webinar participants will be familiar with:

  1. The different platforms currently in use – surface and profiling.
  2. The different monitoring applications gliders can be used in.
  3. The use of gliders by our nearby neighbors (Mexico, CariCOOS, and SECOORA) and the National glider plan.

All talks approx. 5 minutes with 2-3 minutes discussion

  1. Welcome and Webinar Objectives – Barb Kirkpatrick, GCOOS-RA Executive Director
  2. Underwater Glider Technology/Capabilities – Chad Lembke, Mote Marine Laboratory and GCOOS-RA Gulf Glider Task Team Chair
  3. Surface Glider Technology/Capability – Stephen Howden, University of Southern Mississippi
  4. Glider Data Applications: Model Integration/Performance – Dan Rudnick, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
  5. Glider Data Applications: Glider data use/Getting it Operational – Jeff Book, Naval Research Laboratory
  6. Glider Data Applications: Hypoxia – Steve DiMarco, Texas A&M University
  7. Glider Data Applications: Harmful Algal Blooms – Justin Shapiro, Mote Marine Laboratory
  8. Glider Data Applications: Remote Sensing – Bob Arnone, University of Southern Mississippi
  9. Glider Data Applications: Biological monitoring – Chad Lembke, Mote Marine Laboratory and GCOOS-RA Gulf Glider Task Team Chair
  10. IOOS National Plan and Nearby Neighbor Activities – Becky Baltes, U.S. IOOS
  11. Summary/Wrap up – Barb Kirkpatrick, GCOOS-RA Executive Director