Posted: 11 December 2014

Gulf Glider Task Team
Conference Call Meeting
3 December 2014

Participants: Chad Lembke, Team Chair, led the call, Steven DiMarco, Kellie Dixon, David Driver, Matt Howard, Stephan Howden, Lex LeBlanc, Ruth Perry, Rodney Riley, Landry Bernard, Stephanie Watson

  1. Any collaborative proposals re: RESTORE or any other post-Deepwater Horizon (DWH) funding pots (Landry Bernard)
    At least two post-DWH opportunities for Gliders in the Gulf
    1. RESTORE Council – one RFP out to council members. NOAA is not on the Council, but Department of Commerce (DOC) is. DOC and Dept. of Interior submitted one proposal for habitat mapping and water quality monitoring. Includes 7 AUVs., which could be an opportunity GGTT to plug in. Steve Giordano NOAA Fisheries St. Pete, is leading the proposal. 3 states council members need to say they like it. NOAA working on gaining the state support. The DOC-DOI proposal is the only proposal we know that has made it to Council level. Landry will continue to work with Steve on this proposal.
    2. National Academy of Sciences (NAS) Gulf Research Program Ecosystem Monitoring Workshop – NAS Gulf Research Program funded through criminal DWH penalties and will have $500M for 30 years. Cort Cooper (Chevron, and on the initial NAS Gulf Research Program Advisory Group) presented a proposal to have 4-6 gliders in the Gulf for the $2M likely available for monitoring. New NAS advisory group announced today. LaDonn Swann (MS-AL Sea Grant) will carry over to the new group, with new members Monty Graham (USM), Tony Knapp (TAMU), and Sara Graves (Univ. of Alabama Huntsville and on GCOOS RA Board). These individuals may help support glider activities in the Gulf through NAS. GGTT should develop strategy to work with them. Small funding opportunity out now.

    Maybe do something integrating the existing gliders and show proof of concept and then expand the pool. All data is open access. Show data points collected from gliders vs. ship sites. Show benefits to models. Who will move this forward? Matt suggests Tony Knapp. Landry offered to start to move it forward.
    Willing participants include TAMU, Mote (if geographic scope is not too big), maybe MSU, talk with USM, USF, others? It’s worth asking SCRIPPs if BP doesn’t continue its current loop current program.
    Brief update of current glider activities:
    TAMU new Autonaut wave glider in mid-winter. Buoy cruise any day and slocum will go out, too.
    Mote has another 3-4 missions to run between now and mid-2015.

    Keep wave gliders in the mix. E.g., MSU wave gliders out now but being picked up any day now.

    We have a list started on glider assets in the Gulf. Chad will poll this list. Maybe add Scripps, too? They have done good work on comparisons of model results with and without glider data. Pat Hogan at NRL has done some good model comparisons as well and could potentially be engaged.

    O&G industry interested in the modeling results.

    Some other companies doing surface glider tests in the Gulf, maybe use their ancillary data.

    Landry asks if we highlight the glider data on the data portal to help market it? Matt answers yes and no. Not in our real-time data portal, but other interactive map products. Showcase news stories and data products – takes time. Get data to GTS and to the IOOS Glider Data Assembly Center (DAC). DAC is now just taking Slocum type data. Still work to be done, as we are learning. Some gliders still transmitting small percentages of real-time data they are collecting, so the data aspects are evolving.

    Background re: HF Radar – Tony Knapp was already getting HFR for TX. Got proposals in for MS, AL, LA, and FL for HFR for RESTORE. Landry submitted one for HFR gulfwide for MS, AL, LA. Landry continues to PR on HFR with States. Should have HFR on TX coast by March.

  2. Glider based webinar (Barb)
    Some of the webinar folks could be invited as a sales pitch to help get us started and move forward.
    Did a webinar on HFR with idea to give overview. Barb got lots of good feedback. Very limited time to present helped. Maybe invite whole NAS Advisory Board and see who comes. Mid-Jan to Mid-February.
    Would folks on this call participate? Yes – Scripps, NDBC, Texas A&M, Mote, others?
    Landry – webinars good to gather folks around a common interest within a short period, as part of GCOOS mission. Show how the glider helps the NAS and others’ science.
    Dave – want to educate those outside the glider community
    Chad – e.g., animal tagging and red tide people as existing application examples
    Ruth suggests “outside the box” stakeholders who could help build momentum from a regional program. State representatives.
    Who will start assimilating information on agenda, topics, invitees? Chad can take a lead and Ruth can help.
    Question – how many attended HFR? 58
    Powerpoints are on the website.
    Next time will offer a recording.
    Chad will circulate a draft agenda and list via email and maybe one more telecom check in before advertising for mid-Jan to mid-Feb (likely on the later side)
    May need to get some info. together sooner for NOAA proposal to the Council. Stephanie will check with Landry.

    Chad will circulate a webinar draft agenda and invitee list later this week or early next week.

  3. Getting glider data on the DAC (Chad)
    Asks Matt if he intends to send glider data up to DAC after receiving at GCOOS. Matt answers yes.
  4. We haven’t discussed involving neighbors in this group (and maybe in webinar) – SECOORA, CARA, Mexico
    Rainer Amon at Galveston on Mexico:
    HFR installations – Mexicans plans to spend $100M with HFR from TX coast to Yucatan over the next couple of years.
    Glider operations ramping up over the next couple of years as part of a large program coordinated by Enric Pallas Sanz at CICESE. The program will include Slocum gliders to operate in S. Gulf and Strait of Yucatan and Strait of Florida. Anything S. of 25 degrees north – ships, gliders, satellite operations.
    Scripps, Woods Hole, E&M, Miami are involved from the U.S.
    Rainer will summarize this information and share with this group.
    Chad thinks Vembu Subramanian at SECOORA would like to be involved
    Maybe IOOS office, too. Barb will talk to Dave Easter – will probably be Becky Baltes.
    Chad asked Becky if IOOS going after RESTORE $. She said no but IOOS would be happy to support. Barb talked to Zdenka and she said the same thing – proposals should come from the regional level first.
  5. GOMRI proposals – upcoming RFP for a glider effort?
    Deadline for LOI is 12/15/14– names and title basically. 3 years. Limited to 4 PIs – 4 groups, each with one PI. Integrated concept would be beneficial. Deep diving gliders could focus on Macondo site. TAMU Galveston’s glider has a hydrocarbon sensor, which will be tested early next year. Chad also interested. Rainer will poll for interest over email.