On-line Meeting
2:00 – 4:00 pm Eastern Daylight Time

Presentations (in PDF format) are linked to the title of the talks.

2:00-2:05 Welcome and Objectives of Webinar – Barbara Kirkpatrick, GCOOS Executive Director
2:05-2:15 An overview of HF Radar and the National HF Radar network – Jack Harlan, US IOOS Office
2:15-2:25 HF Radar data user: Examples of use – Glen Watabayashi, NOAA ORR
2:25-2:35 The GCOOS HF Radar plan: Benefits, Challenges, and Costs – Stephan Howden, USM
2:35-2:45 HF Radar Needs in Texas – Tony Knap, Texas A&M University
2:45-2:55 HF Radar Needs in Louisiana – Kenny Rose, Louisiana State University
2:55-3:05 HF Radar Needs in Mississippi – Stephan Howden, University of Mississippi
3:05-3:15 HF Radar Needs in Alabama – Brian Dzwonkowski, University of South Alabama
3:15-3:25 HF Radar Needs in Florida – Clifford Merz, University of South Florida
3:25-3:45 Strategies for funding – Landry Bernard (Facilitator), GCOOS Assoc. Ex. Director
3:45-3:55 Strategies for Moving Forward – Landry Bernard (Facilitator)
3:55-4:00 Closing remarks