29-30 November 2004
Biloxi, MS

On 29-30 November 2004, a meeting to plan for the formation of a GCOOS Education and Outreach Council was held at the J.L. Scott Marine Education Center and Aquarium in Biloxi, MS. The agenda for the meeting is given in Appendix 1 (pdf). The attendees with affiliations are listed in Appendix 2 (pdf). It should be noted that all U.S. Gulf states were represented as was the Ocean.US Office. Presentations were made by Worth Nowlin (pdf1, pdf2), Blanche Meeson, and Mike Spranger.

A major item of business was to consider terms of reference suggested by Blanche Meeson of the Ocean.US Office. The resulting recommended draft Terms of Reference for the GCOOS Education and Outreach Council (EOC) are given as Appendix 3 (pdf). Mike Spranger, FL Sea Grant and Gulf of Mexico COSEE, organized the meeting. To assist the discussions, he offered a list of operational questions and a list of programmatic questions for consideration. The former was used in preparing the list of Action Items leading to the establishment of the GCOOS EOC given in Appendix 4 (pdf). A revised set of Programmatic Issues is in Appendix 5 (pdf).

The meeting expressed sincere thanks to Spranger for its organization and to Sharon Walker and her staff at the J.L. Scott Marine Education Center and Aquarium for arranging lodging and handling the meeting logistics.