Mailing Address: Department of Oceanography, 3146 TAMU College Station, TX 77843-3146.
The GCOOS office is located at Texas A&M University in College Station. The Executive Director and Research Associate are located in Sarasota, FL with our Program Coordinator and Outreach & Education Coordinator located in St. Petersburg, FL.
Fax Number: (979) 847-8879.

Meet our Staff!
Base support (~ 4 Full Time Equivalents (FTE’s)) for the GCOOS Regional Association is through a grant from the US IOOS Program. By leveraging other grants we are able to support the exceptional team of diverse professionals below that enables success of the GCOOS mission.
Barb Kirkpatrick
Executive Director
(941) 724-4320
Matthew K. Howard
DMAC Manager
(979) 862-4169
Chris Simoniello, Ph.D.
Outreach & Education Coordinator
(727) 322-1318
Felimon Gayanilo-DMAC
(361) 825-3454
Bob Currier
Marion Stoessel
(979) 845-7662
Shinichi Kobara-DMAC
(979) 845-4089
Stephanie Watson
Grant Craig Asset 2@2x-20 Nadine
Grant Craig Program Coordinator
Laura Caldwell Administration Assistant
(979) 845-1231
Jennifer Vreeland-Dawson
Research Associate
(979) 219-9520
  Nadine Slimak  Communications Manager

Board of Directors

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