Table 6. Pilot Projects to Enhance Resilience to Inundation.
Priority Pilot Projects
1 Benefit-cost analysis to determine value of having current 24-hour-quality forecast 48 hr. Use data from various past events (Floyd, Rita, Georges, Katrina).
2 Compile/develop standardized methods to measure surge elevations. Include gauges, other sensors, HWMs. Utilize best practices that are out there.
3 Work with EM community to develop sample inundation forecast products for decision-making various time steps (96/72/48/24 hr). Products should give easily digestible info, and not overwhelm individual with too many separate maps for each step.
4 Develop prototype of surge event clearinghouse. Needs assessment to get components/players. Must include min. standards/QC for data (avoid “landfill” syndrome). Can include key staff/capabilities wanted for EOC (e.g., Science Coord., GIS expertise).
5 Sensitivity runs of storm surge models to help determine required horizontal and vertical resolutions of bathymetry.

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