Table 5. Storm Surge and Inundation Workshop Priorities: Products/Measurements to Enhance Resilience to Inundation.
Priority Product/Measurements
1 Accurate bathymetry and topography with consistent vertical control between various data sets
2 Data on sea level, winds, waves, etc. for use in forecast models, nowcast analyses, and forensic reports. Hardened data collection and communications.
3 Improved forecasts of inundation. Ensemble forecasts are needed. These should include heights of surge, tides, wave set up, precipitation, and river flow, as well as waves.
4 Improved inundation maps for hazard mitigation planning. This requires updated probabilistic methods, improved models, use of forensic data, and improved, easy access to archived data.
5 Inreach communication among emergency managers, community planners and others to develop and present consistent messages, to build expertise, and to develop a sense of “community”.
6 A clearing house for pre- and post-storm information. This might have both a public access and an access only for operational users. It should include both pre-storm data (e.g., areal photos) and post-storm information for use by teams during rescue and adjustors.
7 Forensic engineering studies to access wind and flood inundation damage
Others (not ranked)
Augmented Safir-Simpson scale for hurricanes with additional information
Improved public outreach
A clear process for moving storm surge models from research to operational status

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