Table 4. Priority Measurements for Oil and Gas Sector.
(H=high, M=medium, L=low priority)
Measurement Rationale/Comments Responsible Party Priority
Hurricane severity model improvement Two factors control damage: severity and proximity. The latter have improved substantially but the former has not. National Hurricane Center (NHC) H
Operational satellite altimeters, near real-time An essential input into most deepwater current models. Several altimeters must be kept operational indefinitely . NOAA H
Operational satellite radiometers, near real-time An essential input into current models and other analysis tools. Would like to see resolution of TRMM improved. NOAA H
Operational satellite wind (QuikSat), near real-time An essential input into current, wind, and wave models and other valuable analyzed products. NOAA H
2 Hz wave data, not real-time Measure for possible rogue waves during storm events NDBC H
Measurements to improve hurricane severity forecasting, real-time GCOOS needs to dialogue with NHC to determine best ways to contribute, e.g. humidity sensors and/or Doppler radars installed on offshore platforms? NHCGCOOS H
Offshore meteorology measurements (V, P, T, H), real-time Needed for current model, improvement in wind forecasts, etc. GCOOS H
Upper-column current & temperature/salinity profiles, real-time Needed for current model assimilation and validation, and to provide direct measurements. Present network is sparse in the west and east. GCOOS H
3-D Ocean current model forecasts, real-time Needed for offshore operations & environmental issues (hypoxia, oil spills, etc.) GCOOS H
Marine mammals and sea turtle sightings, not real-time To avoid environmental damage due to necessary oil-related activity, i.e. seismic surveys GCOOS, BOEM, NMFS, Industry H
High resolution coastal bathymetry, topography, & subsidence rates Input for current and wave models and for subsidence, mud slides. Should include long term sea level measurements NOS, USGS, GCOOS H
Turbidity current, not real-time Unclear how you would measure. Pilot project? BOEM, GCOOS H-
Water quality parameters (DO, PH, nutrients, COD, etc.) High priority in specific coastal regions & for riverine inflow. EPA, USGS, BOEM, NOAA, DOA, DOE, Industry, GCOOS M-H
Offshore HF radar, real-time Provide real-time surface current maps for model assimilation, Loop current tracking, oil spill tracking, etc. GCOOS M+
Caribbean inflow (Yucatán or Florida Straits), real-time Key input into current model. Also provides long-term record of interest to climatologist. Pilot project for tomography?? GCOOS M
Identification of hydrocarbon seeps Could be derived from several different methods including targeted AUV surveys, SAR, etc? BOEM, GCOOS M
Identification of chemosyn. & arch. sites BOEM, GCOOS L

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