Table 3. Priority Products for Oil and Gas Sector
(H=high, M=medium, L=low priority).
Products Length/time scales Key Components/Measurements Priority
Hurricane severity forecasts Accuracy of 20% CPI 5 days Models, Upper-level circulation, BL, ocean mixed-layer temp., offshore Doppler radar H
Surface current forecast maps 0-15 days,10 km horiz. D/W, 1 km shelf Models, wind, HF radar, density profiles, SST, river inflow, air-sea flux, bathymetry, front locations, tomography H
Measurement & product archive N. A. List of all ongoing measurements, periodically updated. Archive of data collected after initiation of GCOOS H
Operational maps of SST Existing. Higher resolution TRMM AVHRR, GOES, TRMM H
Forecast maps of 3-D deepwater currents 0-30 days10 km horiz, 50 m vert. Models, density profiles, SSH, SST, winds, air-sea flux, ADCP, Caribbean current inflow H
Forecast maps of winds and waves (& crests) 0-15 days,10 km horiz. D/W, 2 km shelf BL, offshore surface met. (V, T, P, H) sensors, atmospheric profiles, QuikSat, TRMM, Doppler Radar, currents (for waves). Store waves 2Hz H
3-D current forecasts on shelf 0-10 days, 1 km horiz, 2 m vert. Modeling, density profiles, SST, Winds, river inflow, air-sea flux, bathymetry (in some small areas), ADCP H-
Probability maps of bottom hazards Turbidity current measurements & modeling, hydrate locations, soil type, bottom currents, high-resolution bathymetry, waves H-
Marine mammal & turtle maps Monthly Physical sightings, tagging, currents (as a proxy) M
Legacy measurement & product archive N. A. Inventory and archive of QA/QC’d data M
Improved storm surge probability maps (not real-time) 0.5 km horiz. High-resolution model, high-resolution bathymetry & ref. water level, wind stress, bottom roughness, atm. pressure M
Severe weather monitoring Offshore Doppler radar, lightening strikes M
Maps of water quality (DO, PH, etc.) DO, PH, Nutrients, Hydrocarbons, salinity, temperature, river inputs, models, currents, winds, hyperspectral (satellite) M
Maps of hydrocarbon seeps L
Maps of chemosynthetic & arch. sites L
Maps of SSH, Color Imagery L
Bathymetry, topography, soil maps L
Temperature/Salinity profiles L

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