Last updated: 26 August 2014

The Gulf of Mexico Alliance (GOMA) and the Gulf of Mexico Coastal Ocean Observing System-Regional Association (GCOOS-RA) are planning to host two follow-on workshops to further develop the HABIOS Plan for the Gulf.

The current version of the plan (HABIOS Plan 1) contains a strategy for this observing system. However, it does not yet contain the details for implementation. Needed for the HABIOS are both a strategy and a detailed plan for implementation. The plan should contain both the strategy (i.e., mission, goals, and objectives) as well as the approach to implementation (i.e., who does what, when, and what will it cost?).

Although the November 2007 workshop, and the papers and discussions leading up to that workshop, reviewed the present state of implementation of this observing system, the major focus of the draft plan and of the workshop was agreement on a strategic plan. Therefore the present plan enunciates a generally acceptable strategy but does not yet provide details of implementation sufficient to reach the mission and goals of that plan.

The next workshops will focus on details of implementation necessary to further develop the Plan.