Last updated: 26 August 2014

Gulf of Mexico Coastal Ocean Observing System Regional Association
Procedure for Approval of Letters of GCOOS-RA Endorsement of
Proposals to non-IOOS Funding Entities
31 March 2010

To assure fairness to all proposers under various funding opportunities, the GCOOS-RA Board of Directors hereby establishes this procedure for approval of letters of GCOOS-RA support or endorsement of proposals to non-IOOS funding entities. Such entities include agencies of the local, state, and federal governments, joint industry projects, foundations, and any other granting or contracting entity. Research proposals generally will not be candidates for a letter of GCOOS-RA support or endorsement unless they clearly have a connection necessary to the development of the Gulf of Mexico Ocean Observing System.

The criteria for endorsement are:

  1. Proposer must be a Party or work for a Party to the GCOOS-RA MoA.
  2. Proposer must agree to publicly share data obtained if the project is funded.
  3. Project must benefit the establishment of a long-term observing system in the region.
  4. Request must be made in a timely manner (approximately 2 weeks in advance of need).

The information required in the request for GCOOS-RA support or endorsement is:

  1. Name and affiliation of the proposer making the request
  2. Name of the proposer’s GCOOS-RA Party membership
  3. Project name
  4. Date by which the endorsement letter is needed
  5. Funding entity
  6. Name and contact information of the person to whom the letter would be submitted
  7. Brief summary of the project goals and tasks
  8. Brief statement of how the project benefits the GCOOS
  9. Statement that the proposer will publicly share any data collected under the project

The procedure for obtaining a letter of GCOOS-RA support or endorsement is:

  1. Proposer provides required information to any current member of the GCOOS-RA Board of Directors (BOD) or GCOOS Office Staff (Regional Coordinator, DMAC Coordinator, E/O Coordinator). Copying the Regional Coordinator is highly recommended.
  2. Recipient of the request will provide it to the Regional Coordinator.
  3. Regional Coordinator will review, prepare a draft letter of endorsement or support, and send package to the Executive Committee of the BOD.
  4. Executive Committee will review the request and draft letter, vote on approval and make suggestions for modifications if needed. Chair of the BOD will lead this review.
  5. If approved, Chair or, if so delegated, Regional Coordinator will sign the letter on behalf of the GCOOS-RA.
  6. Regional Coordinator will notify proposer of the decision and provide the letter if approved.