Last updated: 26 August 2014

The GCOOS Education and Outreach Council Work Plan for May 2006 through April 2007 is:

  1. Hire GCOOS Education and Outreach Coordinator
  2. Complete a needs assessment (email survey) of GCOOS EOC (provides baseline/benchmark data), working in coordination with GOMA, COSEE, and other appropriate groups in the compilation of one needs assessment survey.
    1. This needs assessment survey will ask the following questions along with basic profile information:
      1. Identify two user groups with whom you work who could most benefit from information that you can supply to them which may be generated from GCOOS data now or in the future
      2. Provide practical examples of the information or data that you propose to provide to two user groups identified by you
      3. Provide additional examples of user information that may be supplied through your participation in the GCOOS Project
    2. This needs assessment survey will also ask the following questions that identify existing informational resources and informational gaps:
      1. Identify information and educational resources and materials of which you are aware that provides information on coastal ocean observing systems that could be utilized in GCOOS educational and outreach activities.
      2. List information and educational resource and material "gaps" that are needed to develop GCOOS educational and outreach activities.
  3. Develop an annotated catalog of GCOOS current and future products and users based on the needs assessment survey. This would be a work activity of the E/O Coordinator in coordination with the GOMA E/O Coordinator and other groups with similar foci.
  4. Create a GCOOS EOC List serve for discussion and dissemination of information among the interested education and outreach communities in the Gulf of Mexico region. This would be a work activity of the E/O Coordinator in conjunction with the GOMA E/O Coordinator and other groups with similar foci.
  5. Develop, with guidance from the Education and Outreach Council and EOC Strategic Planning Committee, the initial GCOOS Education and Outreach Plan.
  6. Guide the development of generic GCOOS moveable exhibits and materials for use in general outreach, particularly for use at conferences and meetings.
  7. Work with the Gulf of Mexico Alliance Education and Outreach Coordinator to plan state-wide or regional training workshops for Sea Grant, NERRs, and NEP personnel involved in education and outreach activities. This would be a "train the trainer" workshop where participants would deliver localized educational programs in Year 2 and 3 to raise public awareness of GCOOS, and to assist in needs assessment of localized GCOOS educational/outreach products. Identify resources they can use.
  8. Provide relevant, updated materials for inclusion on the educational component of the GCOOS web site.