Researchers at Mississippi State University, NOAA, and Liquid Robotics, Inc. are deploying three Liquid Robotics Wave Gliders in the Gulf of Mexico to provide data aimed at improving hurricane forecasting. The wave- and solar-powered gliders were deployed August 25 in three strategic locations for a 90-day mission, and will be directed into hurricanes as they enter the Gulf. While in their pre-deployment positions, they will also measure air temperature, pressure, winds, water temperature, ocean salinity, ocean oxygen, waves, and ocean currents. The goals are to test the gliders robustness in different weather environments including hurricanes; compare instrument accuracy against nearby buoys; and utilize these unique measurements to improve hurricane prediction. Co-PIs are Dr. Robert Moorhead (Mississippi State University) and Dr. Alan Leonardi (NOAA). GCOOS plans to include the glider data on our site soon. Read more at


Wave Glider being loaded for deployment in the Gulf of Mexico.


Dr. Pat Fitzpatrick, Mississippi State University, with the three Liquid Robotics Wave Gliders prior to deployment.