GCOOS is hosting the next workshop of the IOOS Animal Telemetry Network (ATN) Jan 23-24 in New Orleans. The workshop title is “Identifying regional stakeholder needs and priorities for animal telemetry observations of marine species.”

The workshop series — one is being hosted by each IOOS regional association — has several goals:

  • Identify regional priorities for telemetry observations of aquatic species, including fishes, turtles, pinnipeds, whales and seabirds;
  • Determine whether priorities could be served by an ATN tagsharkbaseline network;
  • Examine whether the type and extent of existing telemetry assets could adequately satisfy identified requirements.

Information generated at the workshop will be used by the ATN to ensure that a concise plan for sufficient funding of the envisioned national ATN program — including infrastructure, operations, integration and coordination of assets — will be achieved.

Specific workshop objectives include:

  • Identifying and prioritizing regional telemetry stakeholder and research keystone monitoring/observational needs;
  • Identifying existing global telemetry observing assets and scientific capabilities in the Gulf of Mexico region;
  • Documenting examples of stakeholder uses of telemetry data from the commercial sector, resource management community and others (examples include understanding fish distributions, mortality, migration, design of protected areas, definition of essential habitat for species protected by the ESA & MMPA, socioeconomics and fisheries management);
  • Identifying data management challenges, opportunities and mechanisms for regional data integration with national linkages for sharing and collaboration;
  • Considering needs common to other regions and discuss strategies for applied, collaborative research across geographies and disciplines.

There will be three sessions: Commercial Sector, Resource Management and Research. During Sessions 1 & 2, the topics will be presented by four to five invited speakers who will represent the Commercial and Resource Management sectors. These talks will be limited to seven minutes with group discussions following each set of speakers. During Session 3, invited speakers from the research community will give 10-15 minute presentations on their telemetry activities in the region, followed by questions.