6:15 AM 16-June-2017

The National Hurricane Center anticipates that an area of low pressure will form in the southern Gulf of Mexico over the next 5 days. http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/gtwo.php?basin=atlc&fdays=5 Although the occurrence of early season Hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico are rare (three in June and four in July since 1900) the official hurricane season in the Gulf of Mexico (June-November) does start in June for a reason.

[Which month is most frequent for Gulf Storms?
See “Significant Gulf of Mexico Storms” at http://www.wxresearch.org/family/gulfhur.htm]


GCOOS has set-up a two new web pages which may be of interest to the general public and the citizen scientist during extreme weather events.

This first web page is slow to load because it’s full of good things – but the patient person is rewarded. It offers access to current and historical data on storm tracks, water level, winds, waves, storm surge scenarios and more. Don’t forget to explore the drop-down menus and the menu bar at the top. Be sure to check out the web cams, especially if something windy and wet goes ashore nearby. https://geo.gcoos.org/maps/weather/

The second is brand new. It features live twitter tweets, weather feeds, safety tips, federal and state emergency sites and a collection of fun youtube videos related to hurricanes. http://products.gcoos.org/en/hurricane/.

And don’t forget Jyotica’s Blog http://jyotikastorms.blogspot.com

We’ll be keeping an eye on events as they unfold.