GCOOS hs developed a new 4-minute video that highlights our mission to help protect and preserve the Gulf and keep its residents safe. It also explores the need to maintain and enhance our existing observation tools, bring new measurements online and fill the largest data gaps.

For the last 10 years, GCOOS has been quietly expanding data collection and access to data throughout the Gulf of Mexico,” said Dr. Barbara Kirkpatrick, GCOOS Executive Director. “But it’s important that the public have a better understanding of what ocean observing systems do and why it is important to develop, maintain and expand them. That’s why we created this video.”

The video, posted to GCOOS’ new YouTube Channel, is being sent to members of the media in the five Gulf states. We are also working to share it and our messages with our state and federal lawmakers. Please help us spread the word: share the video through your social media and professional networks.

While this is the first “official” video we’ve produced, we certainly don’t want it to be the last. We hope you will send us your own field-related videos and video snippets and keep us abreast of what’s happening with your projects (whether you have video or not). Please email our public relations consultant, Nadine Slimak at Vetted Communications, with your news any time.